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A Letter to Buyers all over the world

Hope this email find you everything well and good health.

Here is, Jupai Export Department, We do this idea from our regular customers, they try to find reliable supplier to help them import from China, and now Try to introduce this product link how to work.

1. No fixed product to sell.

2. Trade - Export without import (Just sell to worldwide, until now we have not plan to import any material.)

3.Welcome any industry products inquiry. retailer and Government limited material not available, kindly concern.( Whenever and wherever you want )

4. We can offer you with our commission transparent 5%, 8%, 10%, or just offer you a price however the profit you do not know.Then you confirm that is competitive or not.Indicate then negotiation like common offer. We do in sincerely way, so no such big profit, if you said double higher, then we just let it go.or you give me a target price, ever you buy from China, we do our best and find a way to meet that price , of course based on the good quality. This means we do honest business, if your price is unreasonable, please leave us alone.

5.If you have interested in any products from China, you wanna some suggestion, just welcome here. Not the technical problem, we will do 100% support. Free, just we have this department, Just welcome worldwide friends, Help you know China, Help you know Chinese Export Issue. Except ( If you had been cheated, please find the related government department, we are helpless. We are just business man, maybe help you call someone, but it is useless. Find government department will solve your problem more efficient. DO IT IN LEGAL WAY.

6. Professional: don't worry about the products we are not professional and familiar. we will work as your way to provide which data you required.

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