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Features and advantages of crawler tractors

Aug. 15, 2022

China is a big agricultural country. In recent years, with the large-scale development of agriculture, the conservation tillage method has been widely accepted and the call for green agriculture has made agricultural machinery crawler tractors more and more favored by farmers. Many friends don't know much about wheeled tractors. Today, I will talk to you about the characteristics and advantages of crawler tractors.

1. The grounding ratio is low to protect the soil

Use the crawler tow to avoid the formation of plough bottom in the dry land, to protect moisture and prevent drought; to prevent damage to the hard bottom in paddy fields, and to ensure normal cultivation of the paddy field; the specific pressure of the wheel tractor on the ground is three times that of the crawler tow. It is only 30%-40%, and the germination rate can still reach 80%-90% after the tread is compacted; the wheel tug rut in the paddy field even affects the transplanting and harvesting and even causes the mud feet to deepen and make it impossible to cultivate.

2. Large tractive force, obvious advantages in deep tumbling and load-bearing operations

The traction force of the crawler tractor of the same weight is 1.4-1.8 times that of the wheel tractor. In terms of traction efficiency, the traction efficiency of the wheel tractor is 55-65%, and the crawler tractor can reach 70-80%, which means that the tractor of the same horsepower, as the wheel tractor The effective power of the engine is 15% more lost than the drag.

3. High working efficiency

Tractors are used for farmland operations. The speed of rotary tillage is generally 5~6km/h, the speed of plowing is generally 7~9km/h, and the speed of harrowing is generally 10~12km/h. The plowing speed of the crawler tractor is equivalent to that of the wheel tractor. Whether it is plowing, harrowing, sowing, or other farmland operations, the crawler tractor is not slower than the wheel tractor, and the traction advantage is obvious.

crawler tractor

4. Excellent passability and climbing ability

Due to their low center of gravity and significant adhesion coefficient, crawler tractors have good slope stability against overturning and sliding, and also have the characteristics of small turning radius maneuverability, strong climbing ability, and off-road performance. Farmland and terrace operations have better adaptability than wheel towing, especially when equipped with rubber tracks, it is an all-terrain operation machine.

5. Operation comfort

At present, crawler tractors have generally adopted hydraulic power steering, fully enclosed shock-absorbing cabs, optional air conditioners, and heaters, digital instruments, etc., which have greatly improved the noise at the ear and driving comfort. With the application of new technologies such as differential steering, single handle, or steering wheel steering control, its handling comfort will become better and better, and it is no longer inferior to wheeled tractors.

6. Utilization and maintenance convenience

In addition to fieldwork, crawler tractors can also play a role in farmland infrastructure and small water conservancy projects. If the blade is installed,

It can be used as a bulldozer in agricultural earthwork operations such as ditching, cleaning fish ponds, and changing slopes to ladders, and the comprehensive utilization rate is higher than that of wheeled tractors. Moreover, the whole frame structure of the crawler tractor, compared with the frameless structure of the wheel tractor, does not need to be broken down and disassembled like the wheel tractor during maintenance, which greatly facilitates the user's daily maintenance and maintenance of the whole machine.

The above is an introduction to the characteristics and advantages of crawler tractors. There are many advantages of crawler tractors. The editor will not list them one by one. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, you can call us directly.

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