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Introduce: Disc plow, Disc harrow, Rotary tiller

Aug. 01, 2022

"A workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well." With good tools, you can do things with half the effort. Farming tools not only shorten the working time of farmers, but also improve the working efficiency. Therefore, farming tools have become one of the important components of Chinese agricultural culture.

The production and development of agricultural tools are synchronized with the production and development of agriculture and promote each other.

Whether it is the northern dry farming system or the southern paddy field agricultural system. Farm tools are an integral part of it. Such as plowing, flexible and lightweight disc plows, harrows, multi-purpose seeders, harvesters, rotary tillers and graders, etc.

The disc plough is connected with the tractor's three-point suspension. The plough blade rotates during operation to plough the soil. It is suitable for overgrown weeds in dry land and wasteland in dry farming areas. The stems are upright and the soil specific resistance is large. Ploughing operations of complex farmland such as masonry fragments in the soil. It has the characteristics of no entanglement of grass, no blockage, no obstruction of soil, capable of cutting crop stems and overcoming soil masonry fragments, high work efficiency, good work quality, convenient adjustment, simple and durable, etc.

The disc harrow is a group of concave discs as the working parts, and the blade plane of the harrow blade is perpendicular to the ground and has an adjustable deflection angle with the advancing direction of the unit. During operation, under the action of tractor traction and soil reaction force, the rake blade rolls forward, the blade edge of the rake blade cuts into the soil, cuts off grass roots and crop residues, and makes the soil ridge rise along the concave surface of the rake blade to a certain height and then turn over and fall. During operation, the fertilizer and pesticides on the surface can be mixed with the surface soil. It is generally used for shallow ploughing and stubble removal after crop harvesting, early spring moisture conservation, and broken soil after ploughing. According to the configuration of the rake group, it can be divided into three types: single row type, double row opposed type and offset type.

Ploughing generally uses a share plow, which has the functions of turning the soil, loosening the soil and breaking the soil. Rake the land with heavy raking on dry land, which has the functions of leveling the ground, raking the clods, mixing soil and fertilizer, loosening the topsoil, eliminating weeds and increasing the reproduction of rhizomes. Rotary tillage is a field operation method that combines arable land and land preparation with a rotary tiller, which has the dual functions of basic tillage and topsoil tillage. During the rotation process of the coulter of the rotary tiller, the upper 10-15 cm soil is chopped, mixed, and thrown backwards to loosen the soil, break the soil and level the soil, which is equivalent to the three operations of ploughing, raking and leveling. 1 time finish.

Rotary cultivator is a cultivating machine matched with a tractor to complete plowing and harrowing operations. It has been widely used because of its strong soil crushing ability and flat surface after ploughing.

According to the configuration of the rotary tiller shaft, it is divided into two types: horizontal axis type and vertical axis type. Correct use and adjustment of the rotary tiller is very important to maintain its good technical state and ensure the quality of farming.

It has the functions of breaking the bottom of the plow, restoring the structure of the soil ploughing layer, improving the ability of soil water storage and moisture retention, eliminating some weeds, reducing pests and diseases, leveling the surface and improving the standard of agricultural mechanization.

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